Company Profile

  Dongguan Good Faith Science Technology Co., Ltd was founded by Mr.LEUNG from HongKong, Who has been deeply engaged in metal cases and bags for years and is a pioneer in aluminum suitcase manufacturing industry in china. Factory Locates at Houjie Town, Dongguan City, GDF is committed to the development and production of high-end metal luggage, the main products are titanium steel suitcase, aluminum alloy suitcase, carbon fiber suitcase, smart suitcase, cosmetic case, metal wine case and backpack.


Thanks for a efficient tooling and molding team,the company is committed to creating luxurious and differentiated travel products for brands around the world with processes of product design, development and manufacturing. Business Model is self-owned brand, OEM and deep cooperation with film and television companies to create exclusive products for stars.At present, the products are mainly exported to overseas developed countries. Main clients are Samsara Luggage, Eminent Luggage.